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Divine Durga Chants: Jai Durga Maa

‘Jai Durga Maa’ is an engrossing and enchanting bhajan, extolling Hindu Goddess Durga who is dearly worshipped as the mother aspect of the supreme Divine, created from the combined mighty energies of all the Gods. This riveting bhajan by revered mystic master, Anandmurti Gurumaa is a heartfelt prayer hailing the Goddess Durga, the all pervasive Shakti symbolizing the divine consciousness which is functioning in this whole cosmos.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga took the furious form of Kali to combat evil. She killed demons so that the truth must prevail.
And just as a mother is always protective, the master too strives to disentangle the disciples from the shackles of ignorance. Chant and enjoy this enticing bhajan with these beautiful lyrics to tie the chords of your heart with the eternal, ever blissful Maa Durga ..

Jai jai jai Durge maa….hey Maa..
Aadbhawani, aadshakti, karunamayi Maa…
Asur sanhaarini, paap nivaarini, kripa karo hey Maa…
Hey Shivani, Hey bhawani, paramanand roopini Maa…

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