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Dhanu Lagna – Sagittarius Ascendant

Moon. Voyages, loss through business, fond of opposite sex, disrespect and loss through them. Wife will be rich to whom money comes unexpectedly. If Moon in weak and afflicted, may deny the marriage or death of the partner. Public enemies and loss through them. Danger of death by violence, suicide, accident or war. Loss and spending of money on vices.

Mars. Sickness among children, gain of money through speculation and children’s earnings. Pleasure of hygienic methods. Troubles through deceit and treacherous ways, concerning unions, partnerships, contracts and law suits. Sickness, discord and opposition of partner. Troubles generally through women. Many enemies and opponents. Loss in business and extravagant spending.

Mercury. Gain through law suits and dealing with public generally. Honour and reputation assisted by marriage and partnership in a responsible concern. Comforts from wife, comfortable old age. Comforts from conveyance, success in law suits and a pre-possessing partner, but one is likely to grow cold or proves untrue or hostile. Gain through business and trade.

Jupiter. Learned, respected and knowledge of law. Careful of his respect. Marriage in good family, gain by marriage, land and as a general. Fond of opposite sex, partnerships and close association with others. Power and authority in foreign country and gain of money. If afflicted reverse results.

Venus. Late marriage, adulterous, disrespected, of loose morals and vile acts in early age. Quarrels or law suits, difficulties with disreputed women and sickness. Trouble with employees or physicians. Success in law suits also. A loving partner desirable friendship and social connections.

Saturn. Gain by marriage, contracts, business and dealing with women and others. Marriage as a result of journey, writings or to one of kin. But adulterous, disturbed married life, journeys, hatred of religion, a good orator, lecturer and will earn through this profession but average profession.

Rahu. Reduces the number of enemies, increases profit through dealings with others and portends delight and gain through woman whose influence may benefit the native. It is a testimony for a wise and wealthy partner.

Ketu. This is not a happy position. Many oppressors, calumnies raised by enemies or competitors, contenders and difficulty with partners but also it indicates death and destruction of enemies. Changeable professions, sudden death, a troubled and worried life.
Eighth House

Sun. Gain through long journeys concerning legacies, or goods or deceased persons. Psychic experiences. Death of wife’s nearest relations, scientific or educational pursuits also through publications. Painful death of the native. Diseased and troubled.

Moon. Eighth lord is posited in own house. Gain by the dead, a comfortably fixed partner, interest in matters relating to future life. Spiritual experiences. If Moon is weak and afflicted short life, devoid from ancestral property, poor, danger of drowning and loss through women.

Mars. Suffers through children who may die before him. Loss through speculations. An unsatisfactory end, many misfortunes, secret enemies may die, troubles over inheritance. Short life, a troubled native, many enemies and loss through law suits.

Mercury. Not so well educated unless aspected by Jupiter. Gain and honours in handling the estate and money of others, also through law suits, legacies, inheritance, insurance etc. of deceased persons. Money or property by marriage, death of partner, some inheritance but difficulty over it. Unsuccessful hopes and worries.

Jupiter. Wealthy and learned. Many enemies and blessed with long life. Jupiter is exalted in this sign and is a Lagna lord. Proud, obstinate and a man of strong determination. Last part of life will be comfortable. Death through irregularity. Occult experiences and mediumistic. Concern over affairs of dead with the money of others and partners. Gain by legacies or estate, when afflicted, death of mother, loss of inherited property, disappointments over legacies and troubles in financial matters.Venus. Financial reward for faithful service.

Intelligent. Gift or legacies from friends and an easy demise. Death of friends, dangerous, illness and death of servants, animals, poultry etc. Unhappy due to wife, quarrels over ancestral property. Danger in 6th years of age. Less comforts from parents.

Saturn. Short life, cheat, liar, bad company and habits. Licentious and adulterous. Devoid from comforts of progney. Sickness and death of brothers. Journeys on account of trouble, false accusations or trouble on account of death or bequests. Gain by legacy and goods of the dead or through money of the partners.

Rahu. Promotes health and conduces to longevity. Testimony for gifts and legacies and gain by those deceased.Ketu. Loss of goods through deception. Sudden or violent death.
Ninth House.

Sun. Respected, generous, learned, intelligent and good advisor. Travelling for education, scientific or religious purposes. Prophetic dreams, many fine qualities. Splendid possibilities through culture and development. Careful for his respect. Company of high ups and wealthy persons and gain through them. Unhappy due to brothers.

Moon. The partner has trouble with relatives over money matters. Death in a distant land. Danger of death by drowning or while on voyages. A drunkard and of loose morals.

Mars. Bold, stone hearted and a man of strong WILL power. Beautiful children, who travel and give pleasure to the native. Children can become preachers, scientists or explorers. Pleasures in foreign lands. Blessed with landed property. Worries and grief in young age due to loss of some property and death of a child. If afflicted shipwreck or isolation, difficulty with relatives, men of science and religion, long journeys, secret mission, investigations, explorations, secluded research. Sacrifice for science or religion.

Mercury. Marriage to a stranger from far off. Gain by partner’s relatives. Partner’s journeys to foreign. Honourable, voyages, professional journeys, honour through learning, writing, publishing, research or philosophy. Of sanguine temperament. A religious or intellectual father. If afflicted contentions with religious or scientific people.

Jupiter. Well respected and generous. Builders of charitable institutions. Long journeys, religious, or psychic experiences, liking for science, law, philosophy and all matters connected with higher mind, prophetic dreams or visions, gain through partner’s relation, science religion and long journeys. If afflicted loss of foreign property, trouble with foreigners and religion, legal or educational affairs, fruitless and dangerous voyages.

Venus. Wealthy and reliable. Gain and success through long journeys. Friendship through travel and learning. Friends among educators, ministers, writers, explorers and inventors. Sickness abroad at sea or while travelling. Illness of wife’s relations, danger through overstudy. Work in connection with foreign affairs or universities.

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