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100+ Main Herbs of Ayurveda

100. Vidaari

Names:- Latin Ipomoea digitata

Tamil Nilappooshanikilangu

Telugu Nelagummudu

Canarese Nelagumbala

Malayal Palmutakku

Urdu Vilayikand

Vidaaree Madhuraa Snigdhaa

Brimhanee Stanya Sukradaa

Seetaa Swaryaa Mootralaacha

Jeevanee Bala Varnadaa

Guruve Pittaasra Pavana

Daahaan Hanti Rasaayani

Bhaava Prakaasa

Vidaree is sweet and lubricant. It promotes growth (Brimhanee). It increases milk and sperm. It is cooling. It improves voice. It increases urine. It promotes vitality, strength and complexion. It is heavy to digest (gurvee). It checks Pitta, diseases of blood, Vaata diseases, and burning sensation. It is a tonic.

Dose:- 10 to 60 grains of the powder with ghee and sugar or honey or milk and sugar or as a leham with other drugs.

Action:- Demulcent, alternative, nutritive, galactagogue, aphrodisiac and tonic.

Uses:- It is one of the most reputed tonics of the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia and is given in all wasting diseases such as consumption, diabetes, sexual debility and surgical complications. Chakradutta says that Vidari when given with sura (wine) increases the secretion of milk in mothers. In children and invalids suffering from debility, a confection of this drug is very useful as a tissue builder. In irritation of the urinary tract, with frequent micturition and high coloured urine, it has been of great use when given for a long period as a cooling tonic. It is one of the most important ingredients of aphrodisiac confections.

101. Yashtimadhu

Names:- Latin Glycyrrhiza glabra

Tamil Athimadhuram

Telugu Athimadhuramu

Canarese Athimadhura, jeshtamaddu

Malayal Erattimadhuram

Urdu Mitilakadi, Asailasoos

Yashtee Himaa guru Swaadwee

Chaksushyaa Bala Varna Krit

Snigdhaa Sukrakaraa Kesyaa

Swaryaa Pittaanilaasrajit

Vrana Sodha Vishacchardi

Trishnaa Glaani Kshayaapahaa.

Yashtimadhu is sweet, cooling and heavy to digest. It is good for the eyes. It improves strength and complexion. It is a lubricant (Snighda) and aphrodisiac. It promotes the growth of hair and improves voice. It checks Pitta and Vaata. It is useful in the treatment of Vranasodha, Visha, Chardi, Trishnaa, Glaani (fatigue) and consumption.

Dose:- 5 to 30 grains of the powder with ghee and sugar, milk and ghee or honey. As a pill with cubebs, cloves and Guda as a decoction.

Action:- Demulcent, expectorant, mild laxative, aphrodisiac and tonic.

Uses:- This is a sweet stuff, increases the flow of saliva and acts as a soothing application to the throat. It stimulates the mucous membrane especially of the air passages where its action is more local than general. It is given in inflammatory conditions of the throat, catarrh, cough, hoarseness of voice, asthma and irritation of the larynx and of the urinary passages. It is a cooling drug and is given in fevers to relieve thirst and burning sensation. It is a mild laxative. Taken with milk it is a good tonic and aphrodisiac. It enters in combination of many aphrodisiac pills and lehams. The powder of the seeds of the plant given with milk have been greatly extolled as powerfully aphrodisiac but as the seeds, are very poisonous, an excessive dose should be avoided.
Externally, it is applied with ghee or honey for cuts and wounds.

102. Yavakshaara

Names:- Latin Pottassii carbonas

Tamil Yavakshaaram

Telugu Yavakshaaramu

Canarese Yavakshaara

Malayal Yavakshaaram, Chavarkaram

Urdu Yavakshaar, Sajee

Yavakshaaro Katooshnascha

Kapha Vaatodaraarthinuth

Aama soolaasmaree Kricchra

Vishadosha Harasmrutah.

Yavakshaara is pungent and heating. It checks Kapha and Vaata. It is useful in the treatment of diseases of the abdomen, pain due to indigestion, Asmari (stone), Kricchra (difficulty in passing urine) and Visha (poisons).
Dose:- 5 to 15 grains of the powder with water.

Action:- Digestive, carminative, antacid and diuretic.

Uses:- It enters the composition of the compound pills and powders used for indigestion, colic, retention of urine etc. In difficult micturition and irritation of the urinary canal, it is given freely diluted with water. In fevers, given in dilution, it acts as a diuretic and reduces the temperature to a slight extent. It is predominantly a the temperature to a slight extent. It is predominantly a carbonate of potash and was used by Sushruta for cleaning surgical instruments and in the preparation of caustic potash.

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