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Sources of Strength and Weakness

In all these cases predictions should be based on a careful analysis of the various sources of strength and weakness of the planets. If Mesha rises as the 7th navamsa and is occupied by Guru, or if it rises with Sani in it or Kuja or any other planet, the results will vary with the nature of the planet. Mesha navamsa may rise as the 7th in Thula Lagna and Vrischika navamsa will rise as the 7th in Vrishabha Lagna. In other Lagnas, Mesha and Vrischika will not rise as the 7th navamsa.

If Lagna falls in any sign, there must 5e some sign which occupies the house and some navamsa must rise as the 7th. Out of the 7th house and the 7th navamsa, find out which is stronger and ascribe the results to it. But in doing so, there will be a tinge of the 7th house as navamsa, which is weaker. Suppose Kataka falls as the 7th and is occupied by Kuja and Kataka navamsa rises with Guru in it. Here it will be seen, that between the 7th house and the 7th navamsa, the navamsa is stronger, and the rasi is weaker.

The results for the 7th navamsa should be predicted in preference to 7th rasi. In all these cases great patience; laborious calculations, high diligence, and excellent analysing power should be brought to bear on the subject, in order to arrive at correct results. Haste and want of patient labour will bring the man and this noble science to ruin and disgrace.

I shall now try and give some mixed results. If a weak evil planet occupies the 7th house from Lagna, the woman will have no issues. If evil planets occupy the 7th house, she becomes a widow. If evil and good planets occupy the 7th, she will neglect the first husband and marry a second one. If Mesha, Vrischika, Makara or Kumbha becomes Lagna combined by Chandra and Sukra, the girl becomes adulterous along with her mother.

If there are no planets in the 7th from Lagna or Chandra, and the house is not powerful and has no beneficial conjunctions or aspects, the husband becomes a mean and hateful fellow. If the 7th from Lagna or Chandra is occupied by Sani or Budha, the husband will become impotent or without sexual potency. If the 7th falls in a moveable sign, the husband will have much travelling.

By implications, if the 7th falls in a fixed sign, the husband will remain at home; if the 7th falls in a double-bodied or Dwiswabhava Rasi, then the husband will have some travelling and some rest. If the Sun is found in the 7th unaspected by benefics, the girl will be rejected by the husband. If Mars is in the 7th with the aspect of evil planets, she will become a widow soon after marriage. If Sani occupies the 7th with evil aspects, the woman will be unmarried. If Chandra and Sukra are in the birth, the woman becomes mean, jealous and fond of happiness.

If Budha and Chandra occupy Lagna, she will be well skilled in music and arts, will have good children, will be happy and prosperous. If Sukra and Budha occupy Lagna, she will be agreeable, prosperous, well skilled in music and fine arts. The highest pleasure for man in this world is to have an obedient, modest, loving, virtuous, handsome, agreeable and sympathetic wife and children. Good health is the most precious gift of Heaven for man as well as for woman.

Domestic happiness, peace of mind, prosperity dignity and fair name cannot be conceived on a higher basis. Heavenly pleasure will be on earth with such family members. Where the characteristics are quite the reverse, the man or the woman need not seek another Hell.


Beneficial Aspects and Conjunctions

If beneficial planets, viz., Full Moon, well-associated Mercury, Jupiter and Venus occupy the Lagna, she will have money, good clothes, ornaments, agreeable temper and attractive personality, happiness and prosperity. If evil planets, the Sun, weak Moon, badly associated Mercury, Mars, Rahu, Sani and Ketu occupy the Lagna, she will have the opposite results, viz., disagreeable personality, repulsive manners, poverty, short and unpleasant temper and misery.

Full Moon and well-associated Mercury are classed as benefics. But when the Moon is weak like on a New Moon day, and Mercury with Rahu, Sani, Mars and Ketu, he is said to be evil. Here great differences must be made in the results.

Suppose Kanya is Lagna with Budha and Sani and Meena is Lagna with them. The results will be and must be different. In Meena, Budha is debilitated, and with Sani, he will give bad results. In Kanya, he is exalted, and with Sani, he will give better results. Suppose in Kanya they are joined by Guru and so also in Meena, there will be difference in results. If Sukra joins them in Kanya or Meena, the results will be quite different. In astrology, it is no joke to make correct predictions, for, the

astrologer has to remember all such details, analyse them as best as he could, balance the conflicting evidence, combine theory and practice, use common sense and intelligence, study the environments of the parties, consider the local, the political, the social and the religious conditions and then, after summarising all these, draw reasonable conclusions and make predictions with care and caution.

If Lagna is occupied by Chandra, Budha and Sukra or by Budha, Guru and Sukra, she will have excellent character, be happy, learned, intelligent, polite, attractive and command the services of servants. If Chandra and Sukra are in Lagna, she will be irritable, fond of happiness and have many gold ornaments. If Lagna has Budha or Guru and Sukra, she will be skilful in arts, fond of happiness and attractive. If Budha and Chandra are in Lagna, she will be happy and blessed with children.

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